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March 19th, 2017


Dear JRVS Community,

For years, it has been my dream to encourage singing in every style - from music that's currently on the radio, to classic Motown & Soul, A Cappella Music, Rock, Alternative, Gospel, and R&B.  Jazz and Vocal Improvisation.  EDM, Salsa, Merengue, Country Music - even Hip hop.

JRVS - short for Jeremy Ragsdale Voice Studio - is the embodiment of everything I ever wanted as a teacher.  With the help of my enthusiastically talented coaches and staff members, I have been working tirelessly to help us all realize the dream of what JRVS can and should be. I'm excited about what we've done here so far, but the work is far from over.  Before I tell you more, let me tell you a bit about myself.

Long before the opening of this studio, I was lucky enough to have taught, learned, and grown through the privilege of serving in the voice faculty at two highly competitive music colleges.  I thought I'd be staying at Berklee for decades, but once I turned 30, I kept hearing this voice telling me to start my own thing.  I knew "my own thing" wouldn't happen in Boston.  Annapolis is where I grew up.  Most of my lifelong friends and immediate family live here. Moving back home to Naptown was a no-brainer for me.  So I opened up Jeremy Ragsdale Voice Studio in Annapolis - while I was still teaching in Boston!

After a crazy year of flying back and forth between BWI and Logan, I hugged my beloved Berklee team goodbye in the Spring of 2014.  I settled back into Annapolis, and went full force with my dream of building a contemporary vocal scene in my beloved hometown.  Fast forward to four "exhilarausting" (I just made that word up) years later: I found not only these amazing teachers, but a small army of ambitous, talented and hilarious students who I learn from, and laugh with, every day. I love this crew, and I know I made the right decision starting "my own thing" right here in Naptown.



2011-14: Voice Instructor, Berklee College of Music

Private Voice Lessons, Director of Jazz Choirs & Improvisation Ensembles

2006-11: Vocal Jazz Director, Towson University

Private Voice Lessons, Director of Vocal Jazz & Pop Music Ensembles

With our powers combined, we developed a daily regimen of opportunities that quickly immerse young musicians in the language of our beautifully diverse world of vocal music.  JRVS students are regularly taught:

  • Vocal Technique & Finding Vocal Power
  • How To Overcome Stage Fright
  • Stage Performance Skills
  • Songwriting & Lyric Writing
  • Group Singing and A Cappella Music
  • Music History
  • How To Record Music
  • How To Make Money Doing Music

We make it easier to make your young singer competitive in this industry, as well as any other industry.  Even if they don't pursue professional music after graduation, they will go far with their:

  • Sense of leadership and accountability,
  • Team-building skills,
  • Multi-cultural knowledge of history,
  • Pattern recognition, and
  • Their confidence and self-worth - my personal favorite!

If this sounds like something you and your child would like to be part of, then let's get started!  There is a group of really cool, talented and hilarious kids, waiting to collaborate with your son or daughter as soon as possible.  This studio has been my dream for years, and we are thrilled to welcome you into our tight-knit family. Thank you for reading, and I can't wait to see you at our awesome studio!




Jeremy S. Ragsdale

Owner, Jeremy Ragsdale Voice Studio

Owner/Founder of SINGINGSESSIONS™ Vocal Method and Online Educational Program



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